A Vibrant Refuge

I think we can all agree that living through this pandemic has been challenging. For those of us practicing Feng Shui, we’ve had an advantage: we’re already closely acquainted with our space. So, while time at home has us reviewing, for others they are seeing their spaces in a whole new way, and some for the first time.

Back when I was in the everyday throes of corporate America, I had a friend who bought a house in a little resort town. She tried to get me to buy one too. I joked that I didn’t need to because I could stay at hers, but I also told her that I didn’t feel the need for one. She was getting a place to “get away” to relax, but my home already did that for me.

I’m constantly “tinkering” with my space – moving things around, adding, adjusting. If you follow me on Instagram, you know one area that sees a lot of change: my dining table. I change my centerpiece often – sometimes every couple of weeks – to shift the energy for the holidays, the season, or just because.

But there’s a limit even for me. With being home all day, mostly every day, the energy was noticeably different. Instead of coming home to our refuge, we were absorbed in it. Even though we’re actively living here, I could feel the energy starting to get stagnant.

If you’re feeling the same, but aren’t sure why, here are a few quick ways you can shift and renew the energy:

  1. Change or move something—anything! Go to where you’re spending the most (or a lot of) time, and figure out what change you can make that won’t negatively impact you. Can you replace artwork? Put something in a different spot? Add something representative of nature (plants, flowers)? Add something inspiring?
  2. Re-evaluate function for what life is like now. Take a fresh look and rethink what’s in your entry, office, and bedroom. Now that you’re home all the time, are they still working for you? These spaces are vastly different when our schedules keep us out and about.
  3. Do a house blessing. You don’t need much, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want some ideas, listen to our podcast episode 4, or check out a space clearing teleseminar we did a few years ago.

For me, I made three changes that really shifted the energy:

  1. I moved our bedroom dresser to one side, and changed the location of a chair, making it easier to open the curtains.
  2. I replaced the shower curtain, rug, and towel in our upstairs bathroom. Besides my bedroom, that’s where I start and end my day.
  3. I bought a new desk, then created a more permanent school/work spot for my two boys with my old desk. Out went the play kitchen and some accessories, and in came a spot that is getting a lot more use.

Unfortunately, I see this pandemic continuing for the foreseeable future. So, it’s more important than ever to create a space that supports you.