Adding Some New Energy

Lisa posted about changing her pillow covers. With Feng Shui we know that small changes can reap big results…but in this case, it’s just an energetic shift bringing some renewed energy.

“So for the last installment of recent changes…pillows! I know, exciting, right?

First let’s start with a stylist tip: when making your space feel like “home,” start gathering ideas – either by pulling out pages from magazines, copying them from decorating books or finding them on the web (consider using Pintrest for this). You don’t have to like everything about the picture, just some aspect (could be just a “feeling” that the picture evokes).

I have done this for years and when I looked at living rooms I liked, I found a common thread – patterned pillows that didn’t exactly “match.” So I started incorporating this look and feel into my own living room.”

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