Back to School – Feng Shui Style

I remember at the end of summer excitedly checking off my list of school supplies. Yes, the Trapper Keeper with the fun design and a backpack in my favorite color! After all, who knew what adventures the new school year would bring?

Each year brings with it new opportunities and challenges. The subject matter becomes more thought-provoking, interpersonal relationships become more complex and time management becomes a more necessary skill. But with each year, something does not change – that each child needs the loving care of their parents.

From a Feng Shui perspective, you can help them create a supportive environment at home, where they begin and end each day. Here are a few things you can do.

  1. Start in their room by clearing clutter. Every item (toys, furniture, clothes) holds energy. Reduce the “noise” by clearing out clothes that no longer fit, toys that are no longer relevant and furniture that is no longer needed.
  2. Revisit their room décor. Is it age appropriate? Does it meet their needs? (For example, adding a desk for an older child.) Whatever changes do occur, be sure that they have significant input. It’s their world and needs to appeal to them.
  3. Get a system. With all the details of getting out the door, mornings can be hectic. This can be challenging energy to begin the day. Create a place for things to go. Give each child a bin for homework and permission slips, for example. Make sure everyone has their own place for hanging a backpack, coat, corralling shoes and anything else they need to get out the door. Whatever system you design should work for your family. This will enable you all to start the day with a more relaxed, focused energy.
  4. Have a proper place for school work. If it’s in their room: bonus points if you can make it so they can see the door (they can both literally and metaphorically see what’s coming). Too often it’s left to a kitchen table and must be cleared to make way for dinner. This disruption in concentration can linger. Designate a space that is quiet and has enough room to spread out. Also make it a daily habit to clear off that space (put homework in folders, books in backpacks) so that they can have clear vision in the morning and each night as they sit down to work.

There is usually so much enthusiasm at the beginning of the school year that this is a perfect time to create a space that supports their endeavors and is open for growth and possibilities.