Back to School has a whole new meaning this year

For those of us with school-aged kids, this year looks a bit different for back to school. There are a variety of scenarios: distance learning, in person full time, hybrid (in-person some days, distance learning the others), and homeschooling. Adding that many of us are also working from home, managing school might be very different.

No matter what the learning format is for this year, here are a few ways you can incorporate Feng Shui to support your school-ager.

Proper workspace – It’s important to have a place to be present for school and/or a place to do homework. It should have enough room for their computer, paper, pen, and notebook. Ideally, this place would also provide privacy. If they can’t be in a room by themselves, consider adding a floor screen to section off an area. This not only provides grounding, but also sends a message that learning is a priority.

Lighting – Good lighting will help your child see better, and ups the energy factor by providing additional light for your child to shine.

Have a routine– If the day isn’t structured, this can leave children feeling unsettled. Having a routine for the day will help them feel secure. Knowing what the expectations are and what the schedule is for the day ahead provides stability.

Have a system –Have a system of where things go: in/out box, folders, bins, baskets, etc. Set it up for each child specifically, which might mean multiple systems in one family.

Have a way to “end” the day – Just like with adults and working, there needs to be a way to end the day for school. We all need a separation so that we can have a break and let our mind relax.

Be flexible – Know that you might try one way and then figure out it’s not working well. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something else.

How this is working in our home is that we’ve been through a few transitions. Last year, my son worked at the dining table. This was fine because he wasn’t online all day, but it did have challenges with lunch and privacy.

Then this year, we started with my office where I added a large desk. We quickly realized that wasn’t going to support learning. With my meetings and him online most of the day, we both needed some privacy. He moved to another area that didn’t work well (wifi and privacy issues), and then we tried a fold up table in the guest room. Bingo! The table goes up in the morning, and he has privacy, can stay “set up” during the day, and folding it up signals the end of the day.

We also ended up getting him a better chair. We stress it for adults, and it’s just as important for kids.

One thing that didn’t change: a bin to hold all his school supplies. Having his computer, notebooks, paper, headphones, etc. in one place has been great. Packing that up is another signal that school has ended.

Managing schooling can be challenging in a normal environment, but all that is happening this year is definitely adding to it. Hopefully you can implement some of these tips to help it flow a little easier.