Capitalize or correct predecessor energy with Feng Shui adjustments

You know when you first walk into a room and sometimes you can feel what’s just happened there? It could be that you followed a celebration and the uplifting energy is noticeable. Or it could be after an argument and the stifling energy is palpable. These are examples on a smaller scale of predecessor energy. Predecessor energy is the energy that is embedded in a space from the occupant(s), whether residential or business. Years of this energy will have more impact than just a few minutes or hours.

This predecessor energy can affect new owners when they move in. The past story can contribute to the “new” story that is being written. So, depending on what happened in a home or business, it could have an impact on how you do in the space. This can be both beneficial (moved because of a promotion) or challenging (moved because of a divorce).

You can rely on Feng Shui to either capitalize on positive energy or correct for challenging energy. Here are some things to think about prior to moving into or buying a new space.

Find out what you can about why the person is moving or selling. We know that can be hard with privacy laws, but do what you can. Ask questions, talk to neighbors, and notice how you feel in the space.

Know the challenges going in and start thinking about ways to address them. If you find out that the previous owner is moving due to a divorce or bankruptcy, take a look at the space and look for clues around that issue (worn out feel, broken things, peeling paint). If you know the bagua, look at related areas – like partnership or wealth – and see if there are missing pieces or what is happening there.

Change the space in a significant way to infuse it with your energy. Through redecorating or remodeling, you can start to change the energy of the space. Even painting can take a room from feeling worn out to feeling vibrant.

Do a space clearing and/or a blessing. After you move in, it’s a good idea to make a connection and claim the space as yours with a space clearing and blessing. Clearing the space of old energy and then blessing it and infusing it with renewed energy can make an impactful difference.

It definitely changes things depending on if the predecessor energy is positive or negative. If it’s positive, you can capitalize on it by claiming the space as yours through a blessing. Refreshing the space also won’t hurt (it further emphasizes the positive). If it’s negative, then you have work to do. Clear it, bless it, and add adjustments to the areas that are affected. If you aren’t sure or if it feels overwhelming – call in a professional to help you. Check out our certified graduates if you need a referral.

Also, if you want to learn more about predecessor energy, listen to our Feng Shui and More podcast episode 29.