Desk Feng Shui: Clear it off

When you walk into your office, or head to your desk, how do you feel? Whatever is happening there is likely affecting your body’s response. Many years ago, I started clearing off my desk each night. After I did that, I no longer felt overwhelmed. I had “room” to sit down and make a plan for my day.

In Feng Shui, your desk has to do with opportunities, career and vision. So, it would make sense that what’s happening on your desk right now might be related to what’s going on in your life. Here are some desk considerations.

For the top of your desk:

Clear it off. This is symbolic of your vision – a clear desk gives you ample opportunity to see what’s ahead and plan for what’s important. It also allows you to enter your office and feel relaxed. You’re not immediately influenced by a stack of papers, folders, projects, and “to dos.” Create a system that works for you.

  • I put everything I’m still working on at the end of the day in a decorative box; I sort through it in the morning after I’ve made my daily plan.
  • I file or recycle anything I can before the end of the day.

Apply the bagua. If you know the bagua, you can place things on your desk using this system. Where you sit is typically the career area (middle area). You could place a photo of you and your partner in the back right corner (relationship) and put your business cards in the middle farthest from you (fame).

Other desk considerations:

Make it solid.A solid wood desk gives you support and helps you feel grounded. A glass desk doesn’t offer that stability. If you have a glass desk, cover it with fabric to see if that changes anything for you.

Make it fit. This is going to be different for everyone. Your desk should be a good size for you, and appropriate for how you use it. If you are just paying bills, a small desk is fine. But if you’re trying to start a business, upgrade to one that presents the image that aligns with that.

Your desk can be a very supportive element to help align with your future goals. Think about what you want and get started. It’s okay to start small – like taking 9 minutes a day to sort through papers. But do start.