Feng Shui in the Closet: Getting the Skeletons Out

In Feng Shui, closets hold as much importance as a living room or a bedroom. They are not hidden areas that can be ignored—-just because you can close the door on a closet, it doesn’t follow that they have no influence. A closet can be an asset or a detriment depending on its condition.

Along with taking up valuable space somewhere in your space (the money area, the relationship area, health, career), closets also represent the subconscious. By cleaning out or re-organizing a closet, whatever issue or aspect of your life that is stuck may suddenly come up for examination.

Here are three ways you can treat your closet for maximum support:

  1. Contain the closet energy – Have a door, curtain or screen in front of the closet opening. The distraction from the closet will be muted and will help you sleep better.
  2. Respect the items in your closet – Use the same kind of boxes for storage; label the boxes; use the same kind of hangers for clothes. When you open your closet door, you want to be inspired not besieged.
  3. Remove unused things systematically – By removing a certain number of clothing items each week or after each shopping trip, a habit forms that keeps your clothes up-to-date. Whether you dislike something or it’s reached its expiration date in your mind and you’re tired of it, make a regular practice of eliminating these clothes.

Closets are notorious for gathering clutter, so you need to keep a watchful eye. Make sure the light works if there is one; the door swings open easily or slides smoothly without coming off the track; the walls are a color you love; and the shelves are sturdy.  A closet is a holding place, not a junk room.