Feng Shui on the Road: Travel Tips

23 Mar 2005, Hawaii, Hawaii, USA — Hilly Road — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Summertime means many people will be “on the road.” It’s a time for family vacations, weddings, reunions and other events. If you are one of the many that will embark on a trip this year, don’t forget to take your Feng Shui with you!

Here are some tips to keep you moving in the right direction (yes, pun intended!).

Clear the clutter. Most Feng Shui practitioners are practically Clutter Police. For how many people keep non-car items, garbage and miscellaneous papers in their vehicle, we could spend all day pulling people over and writing tickets. The effect of clutter in your car is as significant as the clutter in your home. Clutter can cause you to feel overwhelmed or “stuck.” Before your road trip, make sure that everything in your car is necessary and relevant.

  • Pare it down. Do you need 12 pens, 3 flashlights, the extra shoes, etc?
  • Have a place for things that you need. Buy a pencil case to keep in your glove compartment or maybe a small zipper bag to hold pen and paper. Put a basket or crate in your trunk with emergency supplies. At the very least if you don’t have a garbage bag, get one. Show your car and your items that you value them.

Make it “you.” You don’t need to decorate the whole car, but do make this traveling home a reflection of you. Maybe it’s as small as picking out a steering wheel cover that is your favorite color, having a favorite gemstone on the dash or a postcard of a great destination in the glove box. Be creative and put a little “you” in what you drive.

Stay connected to home. It can be freeing to be on the road…but it’s also nice to know you have a place to return. Have every family member bring a piece of “home” with them. Whether it’s a scent, sound or object, it can create that sense of security no matter where you land. Again, it doesn’t need to be big (and probably shouldn’t be). A travel candle in a favorite scent, a song that you listen to while getting ready in the morning, a pillow, blanket or lucky coin can be all you need. If challenges arise, these will help you remember that you have a home base waiting for you.

As you get ready to embark on your next adventure, remember that your “home away from home” is as important as where you lay your head most nights. Make it special and supportive. At least by packing those ruby slippers, you are reminded of home and know that you will be there soon enough.