Feng Shui Weddings

June, August and September are three of the most popular months to get married. It’s no wonder with summer vacations and warmer weather. Those reasons definitely contributed to why we got married in August. Even though we had a pretty traditional wedding (Church, reception at a venue afterwards), Feng Shui was part of my lifestyle then (as it is now). I was very thoughtful in representing that part of me in subtle ways throughout the day.

Here are a few of the ways I included Feng Shui – and you can, too.

Incorporate the 5 Elements

I wrote an article several years ago about how I did that through my wedding day “look,” the flowers and the centerpieces. Essentially, it’s about including each element through a color, representation or the element itself to create balance. I used a combination of all of those to make it happen.

Create a sacred space

We write about this a lot – ensuring you have a sacred space that supports YOU somewhere in your home. We often emphasize this during holidays because that seems to be a high-stress time. Weddings are similar. Even though they are joyful, they can be challenging when managing family expectations. I am lucky to live in a house I love, but I was especially diligent leading up to the day to take time to just “be” in one of my favorite places within my home. Taking a few minutes to get centered and breathe was extremely helpful.

Be true to yourself

I got some advice that surprised me a little: be true to yourself during the process. There were a lot of opinions about what to wear and what to plan, but I reminded myself about that and kept us in the forefront of planning. I focused on what was important to us. I even had someone tell me to look like “myself” so when looking back at photos I would see me. (She did her hair and makeup so differently that day when looking back she said she hardly recognized herself.). Although I did get some “flack” for it, I followed her advice. I wore a look similar to my every day for the occasion – hair, makeup and nails – and I’m glad I did. In Feng Shui, when we look at a space, we consider the individual. We want their space to align with their goals – because what works for one person might have a different implication for someone else.

As you embark upon this season, whether you are planning, helping or just attending, we hope that you feel the joy of the occasion.