Flying Star Feng Shui & the Coronavirus

Feng Shui is applied to alleviate many problems, from money issues to fertility issues to allergies. So the question is: Can Feng Shui play a preventative, as well as supporting, role in our present situation with the Coronavirus? The answer: Yes. Yes, it can.

In the traditional Flying Star Feng Shui approach, each year provides its own opportunities and challenges within a space. The Flying Star system is aptly named since the beneficial and difficult influences change or “fly” from one area to another in a specific pattern every year. How this works is that a home or room is divided into 8 equal pie-shaped areas, each one representing one of the directions (N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW, E & W), along with a 9th influence in the center. A Feng Shui consultant will look to see where two specific numbers land, 2 and 5, when assessing health issues. Both of these numbers can challenge someone’s health and well-being.

Starting with the Chinese New Year, which began in February, the 2 landed in the south and the 5 landed in the east for 2020.

So, when a client is struggling with a health issue, physically or emotionally, these two areas (this year the south and east) are closely examined, and we ask questions like:

  • Is everything working as it was intended?
  • Is anything broken?
  • Is there any clutter?
  • Should some things be moved out of this area?
  • Should something more appealing and attractive be placed there instead?
  • Is there enough light or is it a dark and forgotten spot?

Changing these two areas physically in simple, practical ways can enhance the health of those who live or work in the space because it disrupts the negative influence of those numbers.

Another traditional Feng Shui approach we can take is applying the Five Chinese Element system to those areas. Adding the metal element weakens the tendency for ill health. Introducing metal can be done in a number of ways, like:

  • Adding a white or pastel color (those are the colors representing metal)
  • Adding a round shape such as a rug or mirror (the round shape represents metal)
  • Adding metal itself through a metal sculpture, furniture, or lamp

Doing any of these in the 2 (east) and 5 (south) areas of a space would be appropriate.

This year it is essential that we all pay attention to these challenged areas in light of the pandemic that is affecting the entire planet. A simple change in one – or both – of these areas through answering the questions above or introducing metal will result in a positive shift, making a difference. Take some time to assess the condition of the east and south parts of your space. If not for yourself, then do it for the rest of the world. Be a global Feng Shui healer.