Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the style of the instructors is a good fit for me?

We invite you to visit each of the instructor’s websites to learn more about them.

  • Visit Carole’s website and view the About page where you can read her story, visit her video library and view her media appearances. You should be able to get a good grasp for how Carole presents Feng Shui.
  • Visit Lisa’s website and read her blog and About page to gain insight into her approach to Feng Shui and her experience.

Why is the professional program so lengthy? Seven months is a long time.

In our experience, to learn this material in a comprehensive manner, it requires a time commitment. We’ve streamlined the program to 7 months and it will go fast! By the time you finish with videos, practice appointments, exercises, questionnaires and webinars, we are sure you will feel confident in your Feng Shui knowledge. Shorter programs do not allow for the depth of discussion, time for questions and ongoing support that is afforded through a program of this length. It is impossible to have such a thorough experience in five days.

We also understand that when students begin facilitating their own appointments they have questions and situations that are unique. Because of the format length of our program, they can utilize the support of the faculty and fellow students, express their concerns and their observations, and receive invaluable input from both faculty and classmates.

Can I make a living as a Feng Shui consultant?

With any new business, it takes time to nurture your network of clients. Becoming a Feng Shui practitioner is similar to other sole proprietor businesses where word-of-mouth and advertising presents qualified clients, but takes time to foster.

Most graduates of the professional program use it in conjunction with another endeavor, such as organizing, interior design, real estate, even therapy. Many students attend as part of a personal journey with no intention of making it a career.

Is Feng Shui a religion?

Feng Shui is an applied philosophy based on the premise that the environment impacts the quality of a person’s life. There are many recent scientific studies that support this theory.

The specific kind of Feng Shui the School teaches is from the Buddhist teachings which are inextricably tied in with Chinese history. Although mention is made of Buddhist principles, you will never be encouraged to change your current beliefs.

Feng Shui is not a religion, however, we do emphasize the importance of sacred space and creating a sanctuary.

What are Checklists?

If you are a professional student in our program, you will be provided with 9 checklists corresponding to the various life issues we discuss during the training, plus a general checklist, plus a business checklist. These provide a quick access to challenging situations as well as positive situations so you will be able to a respond to a situation in the moment.

What are Adjustments?

Adjustments are the tools we use to physically change the environment. Some common ones are: crystals, plants, fountains and mirrors. But we also suggest specific colors as an adjustment, or lights, or even rugs. Many of the life issues we discuss have corresponding actions that people use as an adjustment, such as a specific exercise to increase money, or a specific action to enhance a difficult relationship.

What are the Meditations?

The path of Feng Shui is a spiritual one. Although it is often connected to the Buddhist tradition, there is no expectation that those studying or practicing Feng Shui will in any way become Buddhist. There will be an introduction to some of the meditations specific to this particular way of thinking with the express purpose of encouraging participants to adapt a self-cultivation practice.

What about Blueprints?

In our professional program, a high emphasis is placed on your ability to read a blueprint. You will be exposed to various blueprints during the course of the class for hands-on experiential work. Even if you have never read a blueprint before, you will become familiar and comfortable doing so.