From the Wild Dragon to the Meandering Snake

Many of us are grateful that the Dragon year is over.  Although exciting, it wasn’t without its moments of frenzy and upheaval.  The Snake energy arrives according to the Chinese solar calendar on February 4th and according to the lunar calendar on February 10th.

The year of the Snake will be a gentler and kinder year than we just experienced from the Dragon.  The Snake, by nature, moves slower than the Dragon and, of course, doesn’t breathe fire!  Although the body shape and texture (scales) between the two zodiac animals is similar, the Snake will reduce the energy considerably since it’s lacking feet.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2013 is made up of water and fire (snake).  Because fire and water are at odds we can expect continued conflicts and violence around the world.  The water, however, is yin which means the encounter between the two elements is less turbulent than if the water was stronger in nature.  This is a patient easy-going form of water which could forecast intelligent and innovative reforms and ideas.  On the other hand, it also could prophesy secret plots and deceptive attacks.

The fire element of the Snake is the driving force of all things financial so we could expect improvements in the economic world and the stock market.  From a financial viewpoint, there is a potential for a confidence and optimism.

The animals that will be in harmony with the Snake are the Monkey, the Rooster, the Horse and the Ox.  The Pig will be challenged as will the Snake who, oddly enough, will be challenged in its own year.  The antidote for challenges coming your way during the year of the Snake is the Monkey.  Having a figurine, a poster or a picture of a Monkey will ease any difficulties that may arise between you and the Snake.  Place it where you will see if often.  You do not have to be challenged by the Snake this year to benefit from the presence of a Monkey.

Continue to de-clutter your home and office, and find an appropriate blessing or clearing to do in your space on the eve of February 4th or February 10th.  This would be the time to reflect on any resolutions you made around the time of the western New Year or, if you didn’t make any, to do so now.  One way to assure you are not negatively influenced by the Snake is to do one good deed a day.  This good karma will bless you with a pleasant and memorable year ahead.