Getting to Sold! Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your Home

This is a busy time of year for real estate agents. The weather is nice and the timing is right for house buying and selling.

I bought my first house during late summer and years later would sell it to buy another (with my husband) during the same time period. I pulled out all the feng shui tools I had to sell. And even though the market wasn’t “favorable” at the time, we sold both our houses in a short time frame.

Here are three tips that you can use if you are selling your house, or share with someone else on the market:

  • Depersonalize. Real estate agents will tell you the same thing. It helps people see themselves in your space. It also helps you begin to detach energetically from the space and open up to someone new.
  • Declutter. More advice we share with agents. The space shows better when it is clutter free, in addition to feeling larger. From our perspective it also calms the space. Too much clutter creates a feeling of being overwhelmed for both seller and buyer.
  • Detach. Hopefully if you are selling your house it has been your decision. Otherwise this becomes more challenging. Either way, you will want to start separating yourself from the space. Start with depersonalizing. Then think about writing your house a “thank you” letter to provide the closure you need.

Some houses sit on the market for months while others sell within hours. Even though I hear “location, location, location!,” I also believe energy has a big impact. If a house has been loved and people are moving for positive reasons (better job, bigger family), the house can’t help but project that type of energy. It welcomes a new owner with that sense of supporting them and their dreams.