New Year Intention

Who will you be in 2014? I love the quote by George Bernard Shaw, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” What a wonderful quote – both empowering and full of possibilities.

Now with the New Year upon us, many people are thinking about the past year. We review the opportunities, challenges, successes and regrets. We think about where we’ve been and where we want to go. Hopefully we’re taking that a step further and thinking about the direction involved.

Intention is a key component of Feng Shui work. If you’ve done adjustments at home, you know it’s not just about moving something or placing something that is the most important. It is the reasoning and process behind it; the “why?” That’s when it becomes powerful.

So this year, instead of making several resolutions, how about creating one intention for your entire year? One resolution that speaks to the person you want to create. If that appeals, here are a few ideas to get you moving in that direction.

Write it out. Don’t just think about it. There’s something powerful about committing it to paper. This can also help you clarify your goal.

Be specific. Go farther than something broad like “get healthy.” Think about 2-3 actions that will make that happen (eat at least 2 healthy meals every day, exercise at least 4 times a week, avoid sugary drinks, etc.).

Honor it. Take your intention and place it somewhere special. If you are familiar with the bagua, place in the corresponding area. If you aren’t sure, you could pick one of these three areas: 1) by your front door (where opportunities “knock”), 2) your bedroom (especially if it supports a dream) or 3) in the center of your home (that area influences all others).

You could also take time to make a vision card and put it somewhere prominent that reminds you of your intention (and the possibilities!) daily.

Support it. Make yourself accountable to achieving steps in that direction. Celebrate your successes. If it’s engaging in a new hobby – buy a book, take a class, ask a friend for help.

Enjoy the journey. Most stories of success are not a straight line. That aligns well with Feng Shui; we like things to “flow.” Sometimes it’s that bend in the road that helps you see a better path.

As you think about 2014, I hope you’re excited. That’s great energy to take into the year ahead. It’s a year of potential for creating YOU. Whatever your goal is, I hope you take the time to plan a route. And I hope you use intention as a driving force.