On the road again: Feng Shui when you’re not at home

There’s no argument that Feng Shui applies itself well in residential spaces.  Historically Feng Shui principles were applied to the land, but now it’s mostly used in homes, condos, apartments or rooms. The goal is to arrange a space so that it supports its occupant.

But what if you travel? What if you’re in a hotel room or spending days in the car?  What if you’re staying in your elderly cousin’s basement? What happens to your Feng Shui intentions then?

There are ways to bring your Feng Shui with you regardless of where you go. And it can be an easy yet meaningful way to do so. Here are some suggestions you can try:

Bring a reminder of your home with you. This could be a photo of someone you’ve left behind—your spouse, your children, your cat, etc. A small photo set up in the darkest circumstances can shed some light your way. Place it on a dresser or nightstand so you can easily see it and benefit from its positive energy.

If you love gemstones and rocks, bring one from home and put it in your pocket.  By having it on your body, it will be a constant reminder that all the intentions you’ve created in your home are still with you.

Flowers are always a good enhancement. Picking up a few flowers when you’ve arrived at your destination can be a great temporary Feng Shui adjustment, particularly if there’s a connection back to your home. A bunch of tulips may remind you of the tulips currently growing in your yard. Or perhaps you’ve always had a fondness for daisies which can lift your spirits when you’re in a foreign place.

Write down intention words for the trip. Decide what the optimal outcome would be for the trip you’re about to take. It could be Family Connection, Successful Business, Self-Reflection, Relaxation. Write it down on a piece of paper and place it in a red envelope. Place the envelope where you will see it every day.

Some people thrive on the thrill, excitement and challenges of traveling; others find it tiring and daunting. Either way, bringing a reminder of a place that is familiar and safe can make your travels more enjoyable.

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