Supporting new beginnings with Feng Shui

We’re closing in on the end of the year. This typically begins a time of frenzy as holidays approach and we get ready for the Western year, and the Chinese year (Feb), to change. Then it seems all of the sudden we are thrust into a new beginning without, perhaps, taking time to realize and prepare for it.

I would encourage you to take some time to think about what would make your heart sing in the coming year. What do YOU want to see change, resolve, or be a part of your life?

Here are a few (simple) suggestions for you that will help you move forward towards a new beginning. For any of these suggestions, you can make adjustments in the area related to your area of interest – bedside table for relationship, desk for career, dining table for health, etc. – or if you know the bagua, you can take action in the specific related gua.

If you aren’t sure of your direction, make changes for clarity.

  • Clear off a horizontal surface in your space. Although it might seem empty at first, it allows space to think and invites opportunities. When it feels right, you can start adding things back, but do so deliberately.
  • Pay special attention to your front door. Your “mouth of chi” is hugely important. Make sure it can be seen, works well, is welcoming, and is used.
  • Clean your windows. There’s a connection to vision and clarity that happens when you can really “see” outside of your house (and the metaphor here is outside of yourself).

If you know what direction you want to head, make changes to infuse that desire.

  • Write down your intention as though it’s already happened and place it somewhere relevant and special (but not on the floor). It doesn’t have to be seen.
  • Make changes to what’s happening in the related area of your intention. Is anything broken? Are you holding on to things from the past that aren’t serving you now? Is there too much going on there? Are there items there that you don’t like?
  • Infuse the energy of the area with something symbolic. Add a physical representation (picture, statue, trinket) of what you want so that when passing it captures your attention and reminds you of your intention.

And whether you are trying to bring in clarity or manifest something specific, clearing clutter will always benefit you. It allows space to breathe, and space for something new to arrive.

Know that we’re here to support you in your journey – beginnings, endings, and everything in between.