Take a commanding position with Feng Shui

Recently a friend invited me to the new condominium she had just purchased. It was on the 9th floor and overlooked the Minneapolis skyline and some of our city lakes. The view was breathtaking for sure. It was quite a commanding position from which to take in the surroundings. I felt like I was “on top of the world.”

Although most of us do not have a space that offers this kind of panorama, we can duplicate the effect in another more practical way using Feng Shui. We all have commanding positions or power spots; we just may not take advantage of what they can offer.

The power spot is the corner furthest from the entry door. If you enter your bedroom through a doorway that is situated in the front left corner, the power corner or command position is in the back right corner. Likewise, if you enter through the front right corner, then the command point is in the back left corner. You can activate that corner by removing clutter or things you no longer like, need or use. Bring in something you love – artwork, a chair, a plant, flowers. If you could sit in the command corner while you were at your desk, think about the big picture view you’d have of your business and the inherent authority that would come with such a commanding view.

Power spots are also determined in the home, not just a room. Like the room description above, the power corner is the corner furthest from the front entry. Therefore, you may find your power corner in the garage – not ideal but, again, ask yourself if there’s anything that can be discarded or needs to be fixed. Then make it a very, very good garage – clean, free of junk, maybe hang artwork on the wall (why not?).

Ideally what you would like to see in the power corner of a home is the parent’s or owner’s bedroom. If children or renters or your father-in-law takes over the command position – guess who takes charge. I’ve suggested to clients to move their bedroom to this corner even though the bedroom was smaller than the one they were currently occupying, because their teenage kids were running the show. The change in their family dynamic was enormous.

Finding and occupying the command corner may not come with a 9th floor elevation but you could still feel “on top of your world.”