The Roar of the Tiger: What’s in Store for 2022

Starting February 4 when the Chinese Solar New Year begins (February 1 is the Lunar New Year), we will be under the influence of the Tiger, leaving the mildness and tenacity of the Ox of 2021 behind.

Although many of us compare the Tiger with our beloved house pets (lovable, playful, cute), they are felines that have a different agenda. Along with their majesty, they are ferocious (could even be deadly) and protective. No one messes with a Tiger.

Alongside the animal, there is always one of the Elements that helps define the nature of the annual animal (Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, Water). Starting February 1, Water will be teaming up with Tiger energy—and not just plain Water but Yang Water—like that of the ocean.

So, to encapsulate what lies ahead, we have the power of the animal and the power of the deep sea. Perhaps this is what we’ve been waiting for—a force that will take charge, pull us through what seems like an unending pandemic, and carve a way for us to fearlessly move forward.

The Tiger is an active animal on many fronts. This will be a year when people will be inclined to move, to travel, to make changes—whether job or relationship. The Tiger also brings with it a creative and open need to study, learn, produce, grow. And, for those whose birth year ends in “1,” the Tiger offers extra help—it’s called a nobleman who will protect and support you.

As with any year, it’s always best to know what could happen, what might happen and then take measures to assure that only the best happens. Being mindful of what brings you joy and health and then incorporating those activities is a start. Determine a creative outlet for yourself, help other people, reach out to those who would love to hear from you, take a nap when you’re tired, get a cat (my personal advice if you want true health!). Take a few minutes each day to check in to register your happiness needle.

My beloved teacher His Holiness Professor Thomas Lin Yun used to say that no matter what kind of year seems to be looming, if you do one good deed a day, you will find happiness and success. This is how we tame the Tiger—for under all that grandeur, there’s a sweet kitten waiting to sit with you.