The story about books in Feng Shui

Books tell their own story, and they contribute to yours. The books you have reveal a little about you, like your interests. I read an article about a woman who took that to heart and she bought books specifically to influence what people thought of her. Many years later she realized that she hadn’t even read most of them!

For years I had shelves full of books. But as I started getting more into Feng Shui, I knew that was one area I could pare down. When I was clearing out my books, I had read some advice from another Feng Shui practitioner – Karen Kingston, who recommended evaluating based on the library. If the library had a book, then I could have access to it anytime so I didn’t need to own it. That helped me. I still kept books I loved, but it helped me reduce the number to a single bookshelf. I still re-evaluate annually since I’m always adding.

The thing about books is that they can impact you, and they can become clutter, so you do need to keep a handle on them. Here are some tips as you think about managing your own collection.


  • Curate your books to prevent them from being clutter. Be realistic about books that you haven’t read for years, and that you likely won’t, and release them.
  • Keep books manageable and accessible, like in a bookshelf. Add decorative items, too, to help balance the energy and keep it from feeling heavy.
  • Keep books near your front door to reveal a little about you to your visitors.
  • Have books in children’s rooms. It encourages them to read and since they typically have a softer energy around them, they can be stored there (still evaluate that they are age appropriate and don’t become clutter!)


  • Store your books in your room – either in a bookshelf or under your bed. They bring other people’s stories and dreams into your sacred place. You can have a book or two on your nightstand, but put the majority elsewhere.
  • Keep outdated books (old textbooks anyone?). These keep you in the past and take up space, plus energy.
  • Keep piles of books all over your house. This creates a disjoined energy. Put them all together.
  • Use books for non-book purposes. Using stacks of books as end tables or piled in a fireplace doesn’t respect them or give you accessibility.

Books can be magical; teaching you something new, taking you to a time and place, providing inspiration or strength. Utilize their energy to benefit in the best possible Feng Shui way.