Using the Magic Square as an Adjustment

We’re in the midst of a tumultuous time – globally, nationally, and for many of us, locally. We’re being updated with news constantly on what is happening with the current issue: COVID-19, now classified as a pandemic. It seems that there are major fluctuations in how people are responding – some wanting to let it ride on one hand, while the other hand is panic-stricken and hoarding supplies. But it is important to remember that we have some control, especially those of us in tuned to energetic frequencies. There’s a particular Feng Shui adjustment that is so aligned, you may want to consider carrying around: a “traced” version of the magic square.

Magic squares are mathematic structures that have been associated with both planetary magic and the Kabbalah. The numbers on a magic square are arranged so that the arithmetic sum of each column, row and diagonal equals the same number.

The magic square that most Feng Shui advocates understand is a 3 x 3 grid, comprised of numbers 1 through 9. All the numbers up and down and diagonally add up to 15. This specific pattern is called the Kamea of Saturn (kamea means “magic square”).

When the numbers are traced chronologically, the pattern results in a relaxed, meditative state. You could say a magic square combines the esoteric with arithmetic, yin with yang, mind with heart, intellect with senses.

Tracing the numbers starting with #1 results in a simple symbol that can speak to you with a language much like crop circles—-providing a mystical message that eludes understanding.

Feng Shui is all about energy – often using something physical to help you manifest an intention. You could use that same logic with the traced version of the magic square with the intention of protecting you and bringing with it a sense of calm. Download the image (click on it to save it) and:

  • Carry it with you in your pocket, purse, wallet
  • Leave it on your nightstand
  • Put it on your desk
  • Add to the center of your space

You can also use it to meditate: start at the bottom with your finger where the #1 would be (bottom center) and move to where the #2 would be (upper right corner) and continue with numbers in order. Do this a few times, or for a few minutes, to bring a calming presence to you.

If you decide to carry it, place it, or use it, it will help balance your energy, and the energy around you. In these times, we must do what we can to help alleviate stress and bring some peace to ourselves, and by association, others.