Welcoming the Year of the Dog

Now that our January New Years commitments and resolutions are put into place, we have the opportunity to review, revise, and re-commit to them by observing the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dog begins on February 4—-or February 16 if you want to observe the lunar celebration.

Each year the Chinese calendar assigns one of twelve animals to oversee the upcoming events. The Dog is our token animal in 2018.

I think we can all agree that Dogs are friendly, helpful, tail-wagging happy, trainable, forgiving, and loving. For a Dog, everything is new every single day. They love to go places, they love to stay home, they love to eat, they love treats, they pretty much love life. And we all know Dogs are our best friends.

Except when they move into fear. Or when they are trapped into a corner. Or when they have been abused. Then the Dog shows its other side and suddenly our friendly Fido becomes a fierce fiend. Life isn’t so happy anymore for the Dog. It’s possible we will see both sides of the canine this year—the happy one and the ferocious one.

However, the Dog is paired with the element of Earth this year which adds nurturance and protection to the party and could help balance out potential drama. The issue with Earth is it could also slow things down—-which means we may feel like we’re in a rut or we may feel buried (to use Earth metaphors).

Despite these predictions, it will be up to us to figure out how to become the eager and happy version. What the Dog year brings is only the potential external stuff—–we can create our own experience and begin again with a new perspective for 2018.

If you want more specifics about the Year of the Dog, check out the free webinar Lisa Janusz and I did on this very topic.