What’s in store for the Year of the Metal Rat?

For many of us, we are happy to say good-bye to 2019 for a number of reasons—-illness, disappointments, betrayals, losses. Of course, these occurrences happen every year, but there seemed to be a heaviness specific to the Year of the Pig.

For some, it’s a relief that we will be moving into the Year of the Rat. January 25 marks the lunar new year; February 4 marks the solar new year and the one most recognized as the “official” beginning of another year. For many, this year will be a year of plenty—-prosperity will be the theme for many businesses and endeavors.  This would be a good year to start a business, learn about investing, and/or step out into a new arena.

The bottom line is that this is the year when the bottom line may be generous.

The Rat is the beginning of the twelve-animal cycle. As a result of being Number One, the Rat brings with it a natural tendency to be domineering, always wanting to be the first. The Rat is an ambitious animal and is always looking for opportunities. Being preoccupied with staying ahead, the Rat does not focus on kindness or compassion. As a result, these virtues will need to be intentionally cultivated person by person.

Anyone born in the Years of the Ox, Dragon, and Monkey will find the year to their liking with many possibilities and opportunities coming their way. The Horse and Rabbit, however, will be challenged in this Rat year. Engaging one of the friends of the Rat, specifically the Ox, will help ease any issues. This can be in the form of a jade pendant or an image of the Ox that is positioned in a prominent place to act as a constant reminder of the help that is available.

The Sheep is also challenged in this Year of the Rat. However, the Sheep needs a different antidote comprised of the Rat, the Monkey and the Dragon in the form of figurines or images.

Whether you are projected to have a good year, a challenged one, or a neutral one, remember the importance of cultivating kindness and compassion toward others and toward yourself. The Year of the Rat will then be one of those years you will not soon forget—-for good reasons. Besides, being kind to one another will always ensure good karma.

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