What’s Up with the Year of the Pig?

In the last few years, I’ve noticed the proliferation of stories about people having pigs as pets. We’re finding out that pigs are kind, gentle, and very, very smart. Last summer I saw two pigs on leashes tethered to a car while the owner was evidently grocery shopping. Basking in the sun, they were clearly relishing the outdoor moment.

Now, as of February 4th, we have moved into the Year of the Pig. Due to the make-up of Pig nature, we might be able to expect a year that is a bit more mellow, more laid back and relaxed. The Pig has a go-with-the-flow energy. There’s less focus on getting things done (a very “dog”-ged attitude from the 2018 Year of the Dog) and more on savoring the moment and enjoying the experience. Life is a banquet for the Pig.

The Chinese astrology system is comprised of 12-year cycles, each year bearing the name of an animal. The Pig is the final animal in this list of 12. This may account for its tendency to savor every moment because endings and farewells can elicit bittersweet yet anticipatory feelings.

A revealing exercise is to think about to 12 years ago (2007) and remember what was happening in your life. Any endings? Any moments to savor? Any lessons you learned that you could bring forward to this Pig year?

How can you maximize the Pig Year: Here are a few ideas:

  1. Secure an image of a Pig, or a figurine, or a screen saver that will be a constant reminder to you about the gentle nature of the Pig.
  2. Plan one playful activity each day, big or small. Coloring, singing, dancing, gardening—anything that will bring you joy. Full disclosure: Back in the 80s, the late Laura Branigan had a hit song “Gloria.” It is impossible for me to stay in my chair when that is playing. Try it. Do not be bothered by the choreography—or lack of—and be sure to turn the volume up, or better yet ear plugs. And never mind that it’s about a woman who is making a mess of her life. Or is she? All this aside, you will not be able to sit still. Let me know if it did nothing for you and we’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with you.
  3. Breathe—-deeply and intentionally. It clarifies the brain and relaxes your body, just like a Pig.
  4. Do something spontaneous. The Pig’s motto is “being, not doing.

Now when you say to yourself “I’m being a Pig,” this statement will have a whole new meaning for you. Wallow in it.