When TO – and NOT to – hire a Feng Shui Professional

I remember when I was first learning about Feng Shui I bought books, read articles, and began moving things around. Energy started shifting and things started happening! I remember wondering at what point, if any, I should hire someone.

At the time, things were going well in most areas of my life; the changes happening were a bonus. Years later, I would get to a point where things weren’t shifting how I expected. That is the moment I remember thinking I need professional insight.

And that, my friends, is also how you can think about whether it’s time to hire or a professional…or not.

No need to hire if:

  • Life areas are going well overall (you’re not looking for a big shift)
  • You’re seeing results and enjoying the process
  • You feel content with the Feng Shui information you have
  • You are confident in your bagua layout

Example: You like your job but would be interested in moving it forward. Try to implement some adjustments on your own to see how it goes.

Hire when:

  • You’re looking for a big shift or dealing with a more serious issue
  • Things aren’t moving along and you want other ideas
  • You want more personalized information about your space
  • You have a more complicated house layout and need help with the bagua

Example: You made adjustments but didn’t get the promotion you really (REALLY) wanted. Another promotion is open and you want to know what steps to take this time.

Tips for hiring

If you decide to hire someone to help you, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Make sure they are a “fit” for you. Feng Shui professionals (and personalities) are as varied as any other industry. Take a few minutes to talk to see if you click.
  • Make sure they’re certified. There are several good programs nationally. Don’t be afraid to ask who someone studied with and check them out. (You can also check out our Resources for a listing of some of our certified graduates.)

After reading this, you still might be unsure whether you should hire someone. Let your intuition guide you. Also, consider taking our Set Sail Personal Program, which will help you with your personal bagua and getting your own space in order.

As for me, I went all-in on getting a professional take on my space – I got certified.

P.S. If you want to listen to Carole and I banter about hiring a professional, be sure to listen to Feng Shui and More podcast episode 34 (available via our catalog page or wherever you get your podcasts).