Year of the Horse – 2014

The format of the Chinese calendar is comprised of two components:  an animal and an element from the 5 Chinese Element system. Each year there’s a new animal and every other year a new Element.The year 2014 is symbolized by the Horse and by Wood. The Horse itself has its own Element which is that of Fire so, in theory, this year is represented by Fire and Wood. These two Elements are related in a constructive way since Wood feeds Fire so typically the expectations could be that this would be a harmonious year.

However, this year, the Wood is strong, stubborn and opinionated; the Horse is powerful, charismatic and quick. This is going to be one of those years when you will need to hang onto the reins. Some of this high energy will be exhilarating and some of it will be explosive.

According to Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo, the Wood Horse year is a symbol of optimism and enthusiasm for new innovations and progress. This is definitely a recipe for rebirth and growth—-a time when you won’t want to hesitate with your plans and decisions because everything is going to happen very quickly. That said, this kind of energy can be a set-up for international conflicts, squelching any idea that we might be moving into a time of peace.

For some this Wood Horse energy can be a welcome change after the wishy-washy, vacillating energy of the Snake in 2013.  Debra Duneier, in her article published in the Huffington Post, says that the Horse “will bring you fast successes, exciting journeys and unexpected passion and romance.  This is a lucky year when hard work and determination bring triumph”. I say, just don’t get swept away by the mesmerizing gallop of this magical Horse. It’s a good time to welcome in transformation and move in a new direction, but it always pays to proceed with caution.

When the lunar New Year arrives on January 31 (solar on February 4), it will be a good time to release the old and welcome the new.  To enhance the energy of the Wood Horse, make sure your intentions for 2014 are clear and focused. Place a healthy green plant on your desk to be a reminder to you of all that you want to accomplish.